True, bridge cameras are meant for the serious enthusiasts who would want to know more about the nuances of photography rather than just the megapixels. They are perhaps the best thing that could happen to the world of digital photography, in terms of not only professional features but also the price at which they come. But one might argue, if the bridge cameras are made for the general public, why shouldn’t they be more colourful? Perhaps Kodak thought in similar lines when they came up with Kodak Easyshare Z915, a bridge camera with resolution of 10mp and a zoom capacity of 10x.

Design and Functioning

If DSLRs could have younger brothers or children, the Kodak Easyshare Z915 could well be the size and shape they will take! Jokes apart, this camera looks like a miniature version of an old prime lens analogue DSLR, complete with the raised piece on the right side for easy grip. This compact bridge camera is available in three colours – Midnight Black, Devil’s Red and Cobalt Blue. It comes with Kodak’s signatory Smart Capture feature, which automatically detects the scene being shot and adjusts the camera settings to capture the best image. This very same function also automatically applies KODAK PERFECT TOUCH processing to enhance highlight and shadow areas. The Optical Image Stabilization function makes pictures immune to being affected by blur or shake. The pictures taken with this camera can be blown up to maximum of 30”x40” without loss in details or pixilation, which is a common problem with digital photography. It is compatible with SD/SDHC cards and comes with internal memory of 32MB.