The Casio EX-Z450 comes with a resolution of 12 mp and possesses a 4x optical zoom lens that is equivalent to a focal range of 24-120mm in 35mm terms. The 24mm broad viewpoint focal length endows it with a completely novel outlook that can just enhance our imagination. The Z450 comes with a superb anti-shake system that guarantees precise quality of most images taken in bright surroundings.

Design and Functioning

Although the EX-Z450 is largely manufactured in plastic, it encompasses an attractive structure. There is a plastic tripod almost at the middle part of the base of the camera. The on/off buttons are on the surface of the gadget along with the Zoom Lever and Shutterbutton. Just on top of the LCD screen, there are two exclusive modes: Landscape mode and Make-up mode. While the Landscape mode accentuates the effect of colors that boosts the atmospheric beauty, the Make-up mode lightens the person’s skin tone and filters facial shadows resulting from the sun’s heat, thereby dishing out superior pictures. Beneath the tripod, there is a facility for SD memory card slot. Then there is a huge plasma screen at the behind. Other important features include image size, ISO speed and an auto-focus region.