Cameras have the crazy habit of making their way into the hands (or pockets) of the right consumer every time. There are times when consumers do not choose the camera; it chooses which patron to go to. Depending on the need of the consumer, his or her budget as well as his preferences, the camera chooses which consumer needs and deserves it the most. But a camera as user friendly and versatile as the Casio EX-Z280 would have to bear with making a choice between too many consumers as it is one of the few cameras which don’t fit into one specific mode. The Casio EX-Z280 is a 12.1mp and 4x wide angle zoom camera which comes with impressive features.

Design and Functioning

Most goof compact point and shoot cameras, especially those that score high on features, also score equally in terms of design too. The Casio EX-Z280 is no exception to this general trend that one observes with cameras. With a width of 20mm and weighing hardly 130gs, this camera boasts of excellent ergonomics and is available in the standard and conventional colour of Metallic Silver. Apart from providing a wide angle zoom value of 26mm to 104mm, this camera Casio’s usual high-performance features, such as a CCD-shift image stabilization mechanism and Face Detection function. Its Easy Mode function helps new comers grasp camera settings by offering a simplified menu screen for seamless navigation. The CCD-shift mechanism for image stabilization is a form of optical stabilization which makes pictures immune to shake or blur instead of digitally correcting them after the picture is taken. Like any other camera belonging to Casio’s EXILIM range, this camera too comes with the EXILIM Engine 4.0, which features a high-speed dedicated image processing CPU in addition to an ordinary CPU, allowing the camera to perform complex processing such as is required to allow users to combine images right on the camera. This camera contains 36MB of internal memory and is compatible with SD/SDHC cards.