Most of us run into super zoom cameras that are shaped like little DSLRs and are bulky to carry around. Such cameras are considered to be extremely functional and are loved by all, especially the average consumer, but for their size and weight. This is where smaller and slimmer super zoom cameras like the Casio EX-H10 come in, which is a slim compact camera with a resolution of 12.1 mp and a zoom capacity of 10x along with a high battery life and other impressive features.

Design and Functioning

The Casio EX-H10 is an extremely well-made, compact digital camera, with a shiny metallic grey metal body and excellent overall finish. It's just about small enough to fit into the palm of one’s hand and weighs a mere 160gs. The perfect travel partner, this slim camera can fit easily into a pocket and will keep shooting for nearly three times longer than its rivals. With a 24mm wide lens the EX-H10 has the capacity to view a landscape, building or entire scene in just one frame. Casio has improved the battery life of the camera to make it one of the longest lasting camera batteries on the market. The camera also has a CCD-shift image stabilization mechanism. In addition to recognizing faces, this camera can make adjustments to smooth skin in images and soften facial shadows caused by sunlight, creating beautiful portraits. This camera contains internal memory of 35MB and is compatible with SD/SDHC cards.