Taurus Love Horoscope 2009

Love, marriage and family are important concerns of our life. They are the pillars on which our lives are based. It is very important that everything goes well in our family and love life, because both of them have a direct connection with our heart. If you are a Taurean and want to explore how 2009 will turn out for you, in relation to love, marriage and family, the horoscope given below is just what you need. 
Taurus individuals are known to be sympathetic towards needy and poor people. This year, you will have to remember one thing - 'excess of everything is bad'. So, exercise some restraint. The year would be favorable for you, in terms of love, marriage and family, but be careful not to cross your limits. With the grace of Jupiter, bachelors would get married, whilst married couple will be blessed with children. For singles, love is on the cards but they should be prepared to change their nature a bit.
Your reserved nature may play the spoil sport in relationships. You need to make yourself more outgoing and extrovert, to express your love. If someone comes with a love proposal, do not shy away. Instead, accept it, as it would make your life more colorful and romantic. The year ahead, promises to be blissful one. All you need to do is learn to express your thoughts at right time and in a good manner. Friends and relatives would support you in your love matters.
There might be people who would not lend their support, but you need not be disheartened, as you would definitely meet success at the end. Maternal members can take objection to your affair. The combination of Jupiter and Rahu, in the same sign, is likely to harm your image and cause misunderstandings. However, things would settle down with time. Do not hesitate over things too much. Just remember that it is the perfect time to cash on all the opportunities you come across. If you don't exploit them, there might be another chance until a long time.