Taurus Health Forecast for 2009

Health and wealth always go hand in hand. Problems in either one of the two reflect on the other. Aware of this particular fact, almost all of us are anxious to know about health and wealth related matters while reading a horoscope. In this article, we provide you with 2009 horoscope for the Taurus individuals, centering on the matters of health and wealth.
For Taureans, 2009 would be favorable as well as unfavorable in terms of health and wealth. In some months, you would enjoy a good health and in others indicate, you will need to be careful of your health. Rahu would transit in your 8th house, after November. Until then, it would be in the 7th house. Jupiter, on the other hand, would be in the 9th house until May, after which, it would transit in the 10th house. Saturn proves to be the most useful sign, as it governs your 9th and 10th house.
On the maternal side, your family might be disturbed because of encounters with doctors, advocates and policemen. Even though your enemies would be all set to cause harm, you might end up with good results. It is advisable for Taureans to take care of their father’s health. In case you have an aged person on your paternal family, pay special attention to him/her. There are chances of your receiving unexpected gifts from your wife/husband’s family, especially from your brother/sister- in- law.
For those teenagers who have a passion to drive fast, this year will not be too lucky. There is a likelihood of accidents as well, so better take care while driving. In terms of study, you would do more than your expectations. You might be separated from your near and dear ones, but that would, in turn, make you a much stronger and independent person.
You will realize the fact that alcohol ruins a person’s life, either because of your own drinking problem or that of a loved one. So, it is recommended not to consume alcohol and avoid falling into bad company. Jupiter would help you come out of all the problems. It would be beneficial for you to respect the senior members in your family. Take precautionary measures against hereditary diseases.
Pranayam (breathing exercise) and worshipping Lord Shiva would help you prevent all the hurdles. Taureans, who have any kind of an unknown fear, should get a black mud pot and fill it with wooden coal. Take it to any runnel or running river and float it in the water, in the evening, after the sunset. You need to perform this 5-7 times at a stretch, on any Wednesday or Saturday. Along with this, pray to Rahu for support.