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Explore information on the yearly predictions/forecast of Scorpio individuals, for the upcoming year 2010.

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Scorpio 2010

Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign. Ruled by Mars, Scorpio is a water sign. Understanding individuals born under this sun sign is quite difficult, but not impossible. They love independence and have a very secretive nature. Scorpio individuals are generally impulsive in actions, self-assertion and are very courageous. If you are a Scorpio individual and are keen about knowing how life would be like in the upcoming year, then go through the following lines.
In 2010, the position of the planets would be encouraging for the Scorpions. Jupiter is good and favorable. It would be placed in the 4th and 5th houses, for the entire year, which will be a boon for the Scorpions. It is the time for change and investment in property. Saturn would be positioned in 11th house, which would be good to fulfill your dreams in 2010.
Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu placed in the axis of 3rd and 9th house won’t prove to be favorable in 2010, in relation to communication and information. Jupiter will fetch you good luck and favorable circumstances, which will help you earn cash in profit making ventures. There are possibilities of an unexpected profit, in terms of more money, property, jewelry or promotion. Jupiter’s placement will help you maintain good reputation in the society.
Bharath Sharma

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