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Explore the article to get the yearly forecast/predictions of health horoscope, for the sun sign Sagittarius, for the year 2010.

Astrology: Sagittarius: Sagittarius Health Forecast For 2010

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Sagittarius Health Forecast For 2010

As far as health is concerned, the first half of 2010 will fetch good results for Sagittarius individuals, while the later half of the year will prove to be mediocre. You would be able to maintain good health, because of the positioning of the planets in the entire year. However, fast moving planets re-entering the sign and contacting other planets might create imbalances in the condition at times. Nonetheless, such a situation would be temporary. This will be a continuous feature till the end of the year and remove all family problems of Sagittarians.
Single individuals are likely to get married and start their golden era of life. Jupiter will help you to search a decent partner or friend and Saturn will help you to enjoy the philosophy of love. Along with this, Rahu will provide unexpected enjoyments of spiritual and material love but at the same time the impact of Rahu may also result into long or short-term separation from your loved ones.
Shocking news with regard to misunderstanding and anxiety over health, from a dearest, is on the cards. Students born under the sun sign Sagittarius should take good care of themselves, throughout the year. Sagittarians have to guard their thighs, knee joints very carefully. Heat related problems could be a matter of concern in the year 2010.
Sunday is good for long journey and higher studies. Tuesday is good for planning and health improvements. Thursday is good for self-and family. Saturday is good for finance and short trips. All shades of yellow and green are favorable and avoid dark shades for positive vibrations.

Bharath Sharma

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