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Go through the article to check out the yearly predictions of career and finance horoscope, for the zodiac sign Leo, for the year 2010.

Astrology: Leo: Leo Career and Business Predictions 2010

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Leo Career and Business Predictions 2010

In the year 2010, Leo individuals would face hardships in handling their finances. They would be worried to make the ends meet. Those wanting to start something new might face oppositions from their superiors. Promotion or salary hike might get postponed for many reasons, which would cause worry and tension. Working people would also face hard time, especially in relation to their superior. Tension regarding finances would be in the air, in the year 2010. Nonetheless, this time would be ideal to improve your personality and ethics.
Drastic changes are foreseen in the field of career, for Leo individuals. Employees may change their job or get transferred into another department, within the same company. Businessmen may think of changing the area of their trade. You may face unexpected hurdles in the business, mainly due to the positioning of Rahu and Jupiter. Beware of the people around you, as they might try to harm you. Don’t believe people around you, especially relatives, as they might disturb the tranquility of your internal environment. 

You may get involved in court cases in the year 2010. Court cases and litigations would set impediments in your progress, therefore take extra case in handling legal matters in the upcoming year. The time would not be very ideal for business persons, because financial crunch time at business is on the cards. Students preparing for competitive exams will have to pay more attention to their studies, in order to get the desired results. Individual positioning of planets might help self-employed people expand their business in the year 2010.

Bharath Sharma

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