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Go through the article to explore the yearly forecast/predictions of health horoscope, for the sun sign Cancer, for the year 2010.

Astrology: Cancer: Cancer Health Forecast For 2010

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Cancer Health Forecast For 2010

In the year 2010, lifestyle diseases are foreseen for individuals born under the sun sign Cancer. Common cold and cough might cause sickness pertaining to lungs. Due to different positions of the planets in the year, possibility of a surgical treatment is predicted. If you are a heart patient or are suffering from the problem of blood pressure, you should avoid fatty and oily foods. Otherwise, you might suffer from clotting of blood or even heart attack. Routine health checks are recommended throughout the year. You should be very cautious while consuming food or drink that you otherwise do not take.
Drive carefully in the year 2010 and carry all the important documents of your vehicle with you, while driving. It is necessary to keep your vehicle in good condition. You may not suffer from physical ailments, but might be preoccupied mentally. Due to poor condition of your health, you should be cautious with your intake of supplements. Rahu will be positioned in the 6th house, as a result of which, the coming year would not prove favorable for your own health as well as that of your spouse. You may also suffer from diseases with flu-like symptoms and mental agility. 

Jupiter will be positioned in the 8th house for Cancer individuals, in the year 2010. Possibilities of intestinal disorders are also foreseen. Even if you maintain good health throughout the year, the position of the shadow planet Rahu would pose a hindrance in the process of maintaining fitness. Therefore, Cancer individuals should take special care in order to maintain good health, so that they can attain materialistic happiness and prosperity. Physical and mental fitness is vital to keep you focused on your work. Using yellow, white, or cream colors for prosperity is suggested.

Bharath Sharma 

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