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Aries individual will fare well in 2009, in terms of health and wealth. To know more, read the yearly horoscope & predictions given below.

Astrology: Aries: Aries Health Forecast for 2009

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Aries Health Forecast for 2009

Prosperity, both in terms of health and wealth, is very important in life. The two are correlated and make equal contributions for a happy and contented life. Come December and the anxiousness about how the coming year would be, in terms of health and wealth, is high on everyone’s mind. This article provides a comprehensive horoscope and prediction of Aries individuals on their health and wealth for the year 2009.
Jupiter’s placement, in the 10th and 11th house, will bring good news, in terms of, health as well as wealth, in 2009. The presence of Saturn would add an element of fame. However, the success you attain will also encompass within itself some disappointments, at the end. The planets - Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter would act favorably for you throughout the coming year. While Rahu will provide unexpected profits, Ketu will give precious knowledge. The latter would also help you activate your sixth sense.
Since Aries is a Fire sign, bad temper and irritation is likely to cause you harm, in terms of health. Take precautionary measures against diseases like blood pressure, heart problems, skin diseases, stomach pain, acidity and gastric troubles. Though the position of planets indicates that you will enjoy good health, the presence of Saturn shows that you might suffer from mouth-related diseases, like teeth problem, throat problem, blisters, etc. Overeating might make you plump. To prevent all the above, engage yourself in regular exercise and have a control over your diet. Meditation is the best remedy for your diseases.
There are chances that this year, you will gain a forefather’s property or gift from an elderly person. Do not try to stabilize money in your bank account for a long time. Instead, earn money and make it immoveable by investing in property. The probability of making wealth and buying new electric equipments or four-wheeler for home is also high. Promotion in the same company or joining a new one is also on cards.

Dhyraj Kamale

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