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Check out yearly horoscope and predictions for Aries Sun sign for the year 2010.

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Aries 2010

Aries is the first zodiac sign and is ruled by the planet Mars. Aries individuals would get mixed results in 2010. First half of the year would be somewhat troublesome, but the second half would provide great relief from the tensions. Nevertheless, the work that you had taken up last year and the one that would be assigned to you this year won’t give you the desired results quickly. You might face unnecessary delay in the work you do. You may also get perturbed due to poor health. It is predicted that 2010 would be rather eventful for Aries individuals, at the workplace. However, work pressure is also foreseen.
For 2010, the placement of Jupiter is in the 10th house, which indicates a good future for the Aries individuals. You need to be pragmatic and vociferous with your approach. By doing so, all your endeavors will follow the path to success. Socially, your charisma will entice everybody around you.The year 2010 is the time to take care of your health and visit your family doctor. It is suggested to go for regular health check up.
It is foreseen that adventurous individuals and those involved in outdoor activities might get injured by falling from height. Therefore, they should take special care of themselves, while indulging in such activities. Talking about students, they should avoid preparing for the exams in the last moment, because it may lead to depression and break from academics. You should concentrate more at the practical aspects of the curriculum, while preparing for the exams. It is recommended to finish the preparations before March and only revise the lessons at the time of the exams.
Financial independence is on the cards for Aries individuals, for the year 2010. The year would be fulfilling, as many of your dreams might come true. You would also enjoy a good rapport and understanding with your superiors. A change of residence is indicated. Your friends and well-wishers would be of great help and support, during the year. Your fame and respect would be on the rise, in the New Year 2010.
Saturn’s placement in the 6th House would bring satisfactory results for you, in the year 2010. Enigmatic enemies might trouble you, but your intuition prevails and ultimately, you would emerge victorious. The position of Rahu in the 8th and 9th houses would also work in your favor, but only partially. Mental turbulence and trauma might prevail in the later half of the year; otherwise the year would bestow regal status.
Bharath Sharma

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