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Go through the article to get information on the yearly predictions of career and finance/business horoscope, for the zodiac sign Aquarius, for the year 2010.

Astrology: Aquarius: Aquarius Career and Business Predictions 2010

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Aquarius Career and Business Predictions 2010

Career is one of the prime causes of anxiety for many of us. For fresh graduates, anticipations regarding their dream job occupy their minds, while the people who are into their respective professions always look for new openings for growth. Since career and finances are two aspects of life that largely affect our lifestyle and our relationships as well, many of us are keen about knowing what would happen in the near future. If you are interested in knowing what life has in store for you in the upcoming year, then go through the article. Get the yearly predictions of career and finance, for Aquarius zodiac sign.
The year 2010 will be good for Aquarius individuals, for earning and improving their financial position. Those into food technology and related activities would do well in the year. Family business would also fetch you good earnings. Your financial position will be good in the year. Although you would do well in your professional life, second part of the year might disturb you and create tension in relation to the workplace atmosphere. Aquarius professionals working in liquor barons, automobile industry, atomic power, electricity, computers, radiology or aero science would do well this year.

In the year 2010, Jupiter will be positioned in the 1st house, while the shadow planet Rahu will occupy the 11th house - the house of profits. Aquarians will find the year 2010 to be favorable on the career front. However, you would have to resort to politics, to please your superiors. In the process, you would be able to get help or support from them. This year, your important works will be done quite smoothly. All partnerships have to go through the scanner. You should be careful of your business prospects and undertakings, as Rahu in the 11th house would make you overtly critical and diplomatic at the same time. Disputes over land and property are on the cards.

Bharath Sharma

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