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Explore the article to read about the yearly forecasts/predictions as well as horoscopes of Aquarius, for the year 2010.

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Aquarius 2010

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of zodiac. Ruled by Saturn, it is an intellectual sign. Aquarian people are known for their sheer imaginative, innovative and indigenous skills. Many Aquarius individuals can be seen in the media, films, and medicos or in the field of finance. If you are an Aquarian and are enthusiastic about knowing what the next year would be like, read the article. Go through the following lines to get the yearly predictions for Aquarius individuals, for the year 2010.
In the year 2010, the position of the planets and their arrangement would produce mixed results for individuals born under this sun sign. Jupiter placed in the ascendant would be good for personality and money, but not so good in relation to friendships. New contacts made by the Aquarius individuals would prove to be favorable. Thursday is good for family finance and friends. Friday is good for any work. Saturday is good for personality improvement and practicing philosophy.
Aquarius individuals would clear long waiting dues in 2010 and therefore, would be debt free. Lifestyle changes are expected, with more parties and family gatherings. You might get good help and financial support from others. People awaiting settlement in the ancestral property might get their share, this year. Shadow planets Rahu and Ketu would be positioned in the 11th and 5th houses, respectively, which would prove to be a bit disturbing to get help from the society. All shades of blue, brown and white conducive whereas Yellow is good for family and finance.

Bharath Sharma

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