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Here is a comprehensive horoscope & forecast/prediction for individuals of Aquarius Sun sign in the year 2009.

Astrology: Aquarius: Aquarius 2009

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Aquarius 2009

Lucky Number - 8
Lucky Color - Purple
Lucky Day - Saturday
Lucky Dates - 8, 17 & 26 
Lucky Month - August
Ishta Deva - Lord Shiva and His Avatar - Bhairav
Vrat (Fast) - Saturday, without salt 
Charity -To feed lepers and donate oil, after seeing your own shadow in it
Lucky Metal - Gold and Steel
Lucky Stone - Blue Sapphire (Neelam)
Direction - West
Finger - Middle Finger
A new year knocking on the door does not only mean partying and celebrating end of the present year, but also loads of curiosity, as to what the coming days have in store for us. For the intelligent and creative Aquarius individuals, a complete analysis of how the year 2009 will be, in matters of family, love, health, wealth and career, has been provided below, in the form of a horoscope.
Mixed results will ensue for the Aquarians in 2009. However, the better side of things will be more evident. This year will give you tremendous courage and energy to carry out your pursuits with determination, even amidst adversities. You will come out with flying colors in competitive exams and the like. There will be great improvement in your working conditions as well. An increase in income and status is also strongly indicated. The attempts of your opponents to tarnish your image will not be successful.
Jupiter’s placement, in the 12th house, in the period from January to May and September to December will not be satisfactory. In the first half of the year 2009 i.e. from January to May, you might face some financial losses, which may adversely affect your monetary position. You might find yourself in a state of destitution also. Chances are that you will lose faith in religion and neglect religious rites. You will be on formal terms with your friends and relatives and they will not prove to be of much help to you.
Jupiter will enter the next house in May and stay there till September. This particular position will bring excellent results. Some of your ambitious projects may come through in this period. Rahu will be transiting over your 12th and 11th houses, this year. You might have to undertake frequent journeys, which will prove quite beneficial for you. Your friends and well-wishers will provide full support during the second half of 2009.

Dhyraj Kamale

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