This movie 'Toh Baat Pakki' is based on the concept of love and marriage, tinged with humor.

Toh Baat Pakki Movie Review
Last Updated: 2010-02-21T08:09:18+05:30
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Toh Baat Pakki Movie Review
Initially, the hype that was created around the movie ‘Toh Baat Pakki’ by Kedar Shinde proved to be lower than average. There is not much substance in the story and was not very humorous.
In 'Toh Baat Pakki 'movie, Tabu has given full justice to her role to save the grace of the lustreless movie.
Even 3 Idiot’s successful hero Sharman Joshi failed to mark his charm as the script was too be weak to give it an appealing look.
The story revolves around an ambitious elder sister Rajeshwari (played by Tabu) who searches for an eligible bachelor for her younger sibling played by Uvika Chaudhary. Later into the scene comes Sharman Joshi who visits their place in the search of a place to stay, his performance is rated to be quite a decent one.
The plot of Tabu goes into a negative direction when Vatsal Shah makes an entry after her sister’s marriage gets fixed. The role Vatsal has nothing important to do in the film.
Accidently he catches the fancy of Rajeshwari as she finds him to be much better than what her sister had suggested. Later drama of dowry and kidnapping comes into the scene. Though effort was applied to make the audience laugh but it failed to do so. The way song sequences are displayed abruptly after certain scenes leaves the audience clueless about what is actually happening in the film.
Even the music director of ‘Dhoom’ fame Pritam fails to make an impression in the film ‘Toh Baat Pakki’.
Except for Sharman and Tabu’s performances, there is nothing substantial about the movie.

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