Click is an Indian horror movie which failed to Click at the boxoffice due to poor cinematography.Read on to know the 'click' movie review in detail.

Click Review - Click Movie Review
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Click Review
Shreyas Talpade & Sada
Shreyas Talpade & Sada
Director: Sangeeth Sivan
Star Cast: Shreyas Talpade, Sada, Sneha Ullal
‘Click’ is another Indian horror movie with a disastrous script. It can put in the group of movies that are made only because something has to be made. Aren’t we really tired of watching the white washed faced ghosts with long flowing hair and tears of blood rolling down the cheeks? Well if that type of spooks really gives you goose bum then this movie can be watched.

Though ‘Click’ is a remake of English horror movie ‘Shutter’ but Sangeeth Sivan seems to be really bad at copying even. The script is similar but only one ingredient is missing from the Hindi version i.e. ‘Finesse’. Also the Hindi version has songs and dances here and there added in the script which absolutely spoil the tone of the movie if at all it has any.

Avi (Shreyas Talpade) is a fashion photographer who suddenly finds out that in every photo clicked by him there is a shadowy figure at the background. His camera captures ghosts on every click. After some time the story reveals that the spooky figure in his photograph is an unsatisfied soul which has returned to take its revenge from Avi.

The role of the spirit had been played by Sneha Ullal who acted as Shreyas Talpade’s girlfriend in the past college days but Shreyas was never serious of the relationship and wanted to put an end to it. After graduation Shreyas becomes a successful fashion photographer and lives together with his new model girlfriend Sonia (Sada). Suddenly, on a foggy night when both of them were driving back home the car accidentally hits a woman. The tensed couple flees from the spot but unfortunately Avi could not run away from the consequence. Soon after this incident he starts noticing that the ghostly figure has permanently made its entry in his life and makes it miserable. That phantom figure is none other than his ex-girlfriend from college.

The Climax of the movie is comparatively better than the starting of the movie but, the special effects and sound effects are below average. It lacks the essential special effects which are needed to spice up horror movies. Shreyas Talpade and Sada did their parts well but the poor plot couldn’t drag their performance too far. The cinematography of the movie is also nothing catchy. Though there are few spine chilling sequences like when the specter walks upside down on the roof and also the climax which shows that Avi is burdened for his whole life by the spirit which rides on his shoulders representing his guilt.

No doubt, horror genre is a risky venture but at the same time there is also no denial that this genre has proved hit innumerable times both in Bollywood and Hollywood. 'Bees Sal Baad', 'Raaz'(Part 1) and other such Hindi horror movies made with a good script and skilful direction have been able to prove their aim to leave a nightmare for the audience. But for 'Click' there can be only one verdict : go for it only if you want to kill time!


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