In the new video, ‘Mine’ Swift is seen along with Toby and they successfully steal all the glamour and attraction with their immense chemistry.

Taylor Swift, Toby Hemingway Chemistry In ‘Mine’ Creating Waves
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Taylor Swift, Toby Hemingway Chemistry In ‘Mine’ Creating Waves
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift
Much before Taylor Swift released her new album Speak Now’s single, ‘Mine’ people were going crazy to listen to their favourite singer’s voice and undoubtedly the new offering of the singer received a warm welcome from her fans.
In the recently released video of ‘Mine’, the pretty lady is seen romancing British actor Toby Hemingway, who has already created hype with his amazing looks and according to media pundits it will be a sure shot hit. The first look of the British actor will make the females go mad and he is expected to be the upcoming heartthrob of Hollywood.
In the new video Swift and Toby successfully steals all the glamour and attraction with their immense chemistry. The ‘Mine’ single video is directed by Roman White.
Roman White while recalling his memories of filming the video in Maine revealed that he was disappointed with the leakage of Swift’s photos in wedding dresses.
Roman recalled, “On the second day, we shot a lot of the stuff. The second day with her and Toby, [we shot] them moving in together, all of their stuff, where they are kind of living their life, them with their kids, them having their huge argument, kind of the moment at the end.”
“We shot the wedding shot, which is very interesting ... those were the pictures that leaked first, which was very odd,” he added.
Meanwhile, the director is happy with the work of hunky Toby and appreciates him for being the part of the venture.
“She had mentioned Toby, so we started looking into him. He is a really great actor,” the director said. “They worked really well on camera [and] it’s always fun having someone around who’s British. It just makes everything sound cooler. It definitely comes off like they were a family. He was great to work with.”
The video shows Swift being deeply troubled by the relationship of her parents. She meets a guy and falls in love with him, and the viewers follow the couple through a wild relationship. The video ends with them eventually marrying and having children.

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