Hollywood actor Hugh Grant changed the life of a former Los Angeles prostitute and she is very thankful to the actor.

Hugh Grant’s ‘Cherry Red’ Prostitute Thankful To Him
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Hugh Grant’s ‘Cherry Red’ Prostitute Thankful To Him
Hugh Grant
Hugh Grant
Hollywood actor Hugh Grant changed the life of a former Los Angeles prostitute and she is very thankful to the actor.  Divine Brown revealed the secrets of her relationship with ‘Notting Hill’ star and told how her infamous encounter with the actor 15 years ago changed her life for the good.
In 1995, the pair was arrested on the charges of ‘public misdemeanour’ not far from Sunset Boulevard after they were caught in his car and Grant was fined $1,180, placed on two years' summary probation, and was ordered to complete an AIDS education programme.
"The other night I was thinking: ``I wonder if he thinks about that night. `` I know he loved it. He kept calling me Cherry Red because my lips were red, my shoes and clothes were red," Brown was quoted as saying.
"Even my underwear was red. He kept complimenting me on my lips and my feet. I guess he has a foot fetish, too," she said.
Recalling the night of 27 June 1995, she revealed that she was scared of Grant as she thought he is a cop.
"I was running from him. I thought he was a cop," she said.
"He kept circling the block and pulling up in front of me. There were lots of beautiful girls out there that night, but he just wanted me.”
But, Brown, real name Stella Thompson is thankful to Grant as the scandal made her famous and was interviewed by paparazzi. In addition to it she also pocked huge amount of around USD 1 million and now leads a lavish life in Atlanta, Georgia.
“That was the trick that changed my life. The event that earned me a million dollars... the fuss afterwards scared me right there and took me off the game... I have the most wonderful life now. I`ve got a nice new home... there`s no pool but there is a picket fence. I thank the Lord every day.” Brown said.
"I was always attracted to the glamorous life and that half an hour with Hugh Grant made me able to buy all the things I`d dreamt of having. That film Pretty Woman seemed to be what my life was about. Hugh Grant was my Richard Gere," she added.
The 41- year old also did not forget to admit that the scandal too helped the actor in making his successful movie career.
“I know he helped to upgrade my future and my family, but I upgraded his, too. He got more recognised and more movies after that night," she added.

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