Melanie Brown also known as Mel B has splited from her husband Stephen Belafonte.

Itís Splitsville For Mel B And Hubby Stephen Belafonte
Last Updated: 2010-08-30T11:41:34+05:30
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Itís Splitsville For Mel B And Hubby Stephen Belafonte
Mel B
Mel B
Melanie Brown who soon became popular with girl group, Spice Girls and was popularly named as ‘Scary Spice’ by the British media because of her outrageous, in-your-face attitude, thick Leeds accent, throaty laugh and manner of dress has splited from her husband Stephen Belafonte.
The pair has been married for three years but for a while nothing was going well between them and finally they called it quits.  It is said that the producer has filed for divorce in Los Angeles.
"It`s over. Mel`s coming back to the UK soon, but I won`t be coming with her," Belafonte was quoted as saying.
The news came as a shock for many as few days ago, the couple, were spotted kissing over lunch.
"They`ve not been happy for a long time and there`s been rowing. Mel has been talking about getting out. She`s making plans to come back to the UK on a more permanent basis," said a source close to the singer.
"Part of the problem is jealousy. They are both livid when the other one gets ?attention for another person. They constantly want to know where the other one is... it`s been an ongoing problem right from the start," added the source.
In 2007 the pair started dating each other and quietly married in same year.

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