This time it is Salman Khan’s fans who were erupted with fury as he tdidn't turn up and they were dispersed with lathi charge in a world class event at the Jaipur Marathon, on Sunday.

Salman Khan Erupts Another Fury!
Last Updated: 2010-01-25T11:56:10+05:30
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Salman Khan Erupts Another Fury!
Salman Khan
Salman Khan

It seems Salman Khan is busy causing series of eruption of anger among people in different section and has again engulfed himself into controversy.


After erupting anger of a writer who filed a case against him for causing patent violation by stealing concept from his book in another recent incident, reportedly in an another unfateful incident yesterday Salman khan’s fans went frenzy when he did not turn up.


This eruption of anger mainly took place as Salman Khan did not turn up to flag off the event at the Jaipur Marathon, which is  stated to be a world-class event. The patience of his fans got stirred into a volatile anger when salman did not join them in the marathon race, eventually started throwing chairs and water bottles to the police.


Counteracting in this reaction the police force was bent to lathi charge the mobs to keep the situation in control.

Public complained that the security arrangement was not proper and consequently was unable to control the situation that went bersek in violation. Appartenly in this situation reportedly no one was seriously injured.


Whom do you blame Salman, yourself or the stars against you?


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