Bombshell Rihanna admitted that her overtly sexual image could leave some people irritated.

Rihanna’s Overtly Sexual Image Annoys Many
Last Updated: 2010-12-02T10:16:02+05:30
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Rihanna’s Overtly Sexual Image Annoys Many
Bombshell Rihanna apart from being known for her popular tracks she is worldwide known for her sexy body and bold fashion choices. The beauty says that she will never give up her raunchy image to make some ‘hypocrite’ people happy.
Rihanna insists that she loves her body and likes to flaunt it as she want to, even if some girls criticise her. The 22-year old beauty also hit out at girls who criticise her for her sexy avatar and called them ‘hypocrites’ and ‘unhappy with themselves’.
"People think I`m overly sexy. It bothers them for some reason. Girls don`t like to see other girls dressed sexy. It`s a little intimidating. There`s always going to be somebody not liking what you do. People have a lot of crazy opinions on things. Things I say, things I wear, places I go. It`s just stupid," Rihanna said.
"I`m a 22-year-old human being. It`s fine for me to go to a club. People are hypocrites. They can`t wait to say something horrible. Most of them are unhappy with themselves. It`s women who are mad at other women. They should take a look at their own lives. A lot of people don`t have the guts to confront themselves," she added.
However, ‘Love The Way You Lie’ hitmaker admitted that online criticism makes her angry but accepts that her overtly sexual image could leave some people irritated.
"Public figures can become annoying. They see me a lot and every time they see me and my assets, so it can get a little irritating. I get that. But I have to do what makes me happy, what I feel like doing," she added.

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