It is just unpredictable to say what will come out next in Rahul Mahajan’s and wife Dimpy’s case. Yesterday she defended him and today there is news that she has accused him of domestic violence.

Rahul and Dimpy’s Twisted Tale
Last Updated: 2010-07-30T10:05:52+05:30
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Rahul and Dimpy’s Twisted Tale
Rahul Mahajan, Dimpy Ganguly
Rahul Mahajan, Dimpy Ganguly
Truth or Lie? It must be known better by Rahul or Dimpy that what’s really cooking up. Everyone knows that Rahul wanted to go back to his ex girl, Payal, but Dimpy came forward and rubbished all the rumors. Now, it is again Dimpy who has accused Rahul of domestic violence.
Something is certainly fishy in Rahul Mahajan’s case, after all the reason for his divorce with first wife, Shweta Singh was domestic violence. It was reported by her that he used to beat her like animals and when she couldn’t take that anymore she chose to leave him.
Yesterday, there was news that Rahul wanted to go back to Payal Rohtagi (ex-girl friend), and he has also been calling her continuously and even messaging her. Irritated from all these activities, Payal replied to him that she is least interested to talk to him and she doesn’t live in the past.

Now, Dimpy has accused Rahul of beating her up and even insulting her physically. As per Dimpy, Rahul punched her and even kicked her.

After getting beaten up, she even tried to run away from the residence and called her friends for help. When Dimpy’s father came to know about it, he rushed to the place to judge the situation.

Their marriage has become a public affair and it is sure that Rahul is a person who doesn’t care and respect anybody’s feelings.

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