Rahul Mahajan recently got married to Dimpy Ganguly on a television reality show, but he has issues now and is craving to meet his ex-girl friend Payal Rohatgi.

Rahul Mahajan Canít Forget Payal Rohatgi
Last Updated: 2010-07-29T11:20:12+05:30
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Rahul Mahajan Canít Forget Payal Rohatgi
Rahul Mahajan
Rahul Mahajan
Rahul Mahajan, popularly known for making temporary relationships, is already a divorcee and later indulged in a relationship with Payal Rohatgi.  But this is not enough as even after marrying Dimpy Ganguly, Mr. Mahajan is desperate to rekindle affair with his ex-girlfriend.
It seems Rahul Mahajan doesn’t have anything else in life apart from making and breaking relationships. Now, after getting married for the second time on a television reality show, he wants to come closer to Payal again.
A source reveals, “He (Rahul) is indeed pursuing her (Payal), texting her that he’d like to meet her. It seems he can’t forget her.”
Meanwhile, Rahul hasn’t confirmed the news nor he has denied it, but adds, “Frankly, I don't think I should comment on this. I don't feel it worthy enough to give it weightage."
But, Payal has a different story to tell and she has come out in open and is expressing her views.
She is infuriated with Rahul and adds, “What Rahul is doing by calling and sending me messages is very irritating. I am done with him. I don’t live in the past.”
She was also upset with him at the time of ‘Bigg Boss’ season 2 and had a bad experience.
Payal reveals, “The most difficult period was when I was housed in ‘Bigg Boss’ 2. I realized his true colours there.”
In fact, Rahul had gifted a house to Payal, but asked her to vacate it immediately after they had a fight.

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