Hollywood starlet Jennifer Aniston is said to have decided to be a mother this year.

Jennifer Aniston Planning To Start A Family This Year
Last Updated: 2011-01-18T14:16:50+05:30
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Jennifer Aniston Plans To Start Family This Year
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston
Hollywood starlet Jennifer Aniston is said to have decided to be a mother this year.  Former Friends star has apparently announced to her pals that she is ready to start family now. 
The actress who is currently single was earlier married to H-town hunky Brad Pitt and has been linked to many celebrities including singer John Mayer.
As per reports, it is said that Aniston will either go for adoption process or will opt for using a surrogate mother.
"Jen has been weighing up all her options, everything from using a surrogate to finding a suitable sperm donor. She`s determined to go full steam ahead with becoming a mum," a source was quoted as saying.
"Jen sees this as the perfect time in her life to have a child. Right now, she prefers the idea of adoption, but using a surrogate like Sarah Jessica Parker did is also a possibility.”
“And single mom Sandra Bullock has become a kind of role model for Jen since she adopted her baby a year ago," the source said.
The 41-year old actress after spending much of her time with her Friends co-star Courteney Cox’s 6-year-old daughter Coco over the Christmas realised that she is ready to take up the responsibility of a mother.
"Jen was overwhelmed by the love shared between mom and daughter - and it brought out all her maternal instincts," the source said.
"She loved hanging out with Coco, playing with her and chatting to her. It just emphasised to her how much she needs to be a mom herself," added the source.

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