Akshay Kumar said 'there are no problems between Sanjay Dutt and me.

Akshay Kumar Snubs Reports Of His Problems With Sanjay Dutt
Last Updated: 2009-10-16T12:26:14+05:30
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Akshay Kumar Snubs Reports Of His Problems With Sanjay Dutt
Akshay Kumar  - Sanjay Dutt
Akshay Kumar - Sanjay Dutt
Akshay Kumar is tired of replying to queries about his so-called rivalry with "Blue" co-star Sanjay Dutt. Setting the record straight, he says this is a figment of someone's imagination and they don't have any problems whatsoever with each other.
"Please, in this forum, let me state this for perhaps the last time ever - 'There are no problems between Sanjay Dutt and me," Akshay told.
Since the shooting of "Blue" commenced around a year ago, there was talks of tension between the two stars.
"Yeh sab bekaar ki baatein hain (all this is ridiculous talk). People can imagine something and start writing about anything that comes to their mind. We live in times when such unnecessary gossip makes headlines.
"In fact, I went for 'Mata Ki Chowki' (prayer function) at his place. Would I have done that had there been any problems between us?" asked the actor who is currently shooting for "Houseful".
Akshay and Sanjay haven't worked in a film together for a long time. Their last release was director Raj N. Sippy's "Amaanat", which had incidentally released Oct 14 in 1994. Now, after exactly 15 years, the two actors are seen again in "Blue".
What took them so much time to patch up?
"What patch up?" asked Akshay in an exasperated tone. "Rani Mukherjee has been around for 13 years. Her first film was 'Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat' (1996). Still, both of us have never worked together. Does it mean that we were having a rivalry of sorts and hence would require some kind of patch-up to prove to the world that everything is fine between us?"
He is also happy to declare that Sanjay is the hero of the film and he is the villain.
"That's the fact. He is not just a hero but also has a heroine (Lara Dutta) opposite him. On the other hand, I have sharks as my leading ladies. I don't mind though. It's still better than having none at all. Remember, in 'Hera Pheri', Suniel Shetty had Tabu while I was without a heroine," joked Akshay.
Isn't he bothered about the fact that he won't be hogging all the limelight?
"It is not always the matter of footage. It's about how far you can indeed go in the role that you get to play in the film. You can be a villain and still make an impact. I have just followed Tony's vision here. Whatever he asked me to do, I did it. If 'Blue' works (and I am positive it will), all credit goes to Tony. He has done a tremendous job."

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