Devgan is not the one with those killing looks, but he is known for one thing, that is versatility. The talented actor talks about his forthcoming film ‘Aakrosh’, starring opposite to Bipasha basu.

Ajay Speaks About ‘Aakrosh’
Last Updated: 2010-10-07T11:56:52+05:30
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Ajay Speaks About ‘Aakrosh’
Ajay Devgan
Ajay Devgan
After Big B, Ajay Devgan is the angry young man of Bollywood; he just gets into the role and does a complete justice to it. He reveals the facts and myths of his forthcoming movie opposite to Bipasha Basu ‘Aakrosh’.
The movie is directed by renowned director Priyadarshan and he feels that the movie is an amazing flick with lot of real emotions.
Ajay adds, “While working with Priyadarshan, I've come to know that Aakrosh is one of the most beautifully shot films I've been a part of. He understands small nuances so well. No matter how many comedy films Priyan has made, his forte is realistic films with a message. His forte is films like ‘Aakrosh’.”
Talking about the film, Ajay reveals, “The film is about one incident and how the CBI tries to solve it in spite of resistance. The most powerful people in the areas affected support honor killing. So what can one do to stop it is what the film is all about.”
He continues about his role, “Even before the shot I was not sure what I'll do and how I'll do it. It is my instincts and it has always worked for me. If I get into method acting, I won't deliver. It's great if actors can pull it off but I can't.”
The movie takes into account the dirty facts accepted by the people of India, but it will make everyone realize that’s corruption is not only due to corrupt people, but because of all of us.

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