But this in sense of addiction to smoke and alcohol, Aamir khan is quiting his previous habits to follow his new health mantra.

Aamir Khan Is Quiting!
Last Updated: 2010-01-22T18:24:54+05:30
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Amir Khan Is Quiting!
Amir Khan
Amir Khan

Bollywood hunk Aamir Khan observing a new guideline to maintain his health but this time it ia not in the result for pursuing a new role but for his own concern.

Well this perfectionist really need to look beyond his work and it is good that he is improving on his habits.

Aamir’s new mantra of health is saying no to alcohol and cigratees, this is something which came from his inert self. Reportedly, he has gained ten kilos in recent months and this is in return for what he is observing the strict regime.

He stated, “Sometimes I tended to overdo the drinking bit. And I hate it when I feel unhealthy. So I just decided that I wanted to quit alcohol for life. As for cigarettes, I was never a regular smoker. But I’ve decided to give it up completely too.”
This strict regime over his health is true as Aamir was spotted abstaining from drinks when celebrating on the success of ‘3 Idiots’ and even on his nephews Imran Khan’s engagement.
 The question that lurks in everyone’s mond is that is for the pricy role in an ad campaign for UAE's Etisalat, a telecom service provider who is offering Rs 30-35 crore for a period of 3 years.
 Well if there is an attractive objective in front any person can leave behind their previous addiction.


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