After ‘3 Idiots’ popularity Aamir khan seems to be emerged in social activities to sport his role into reality.

Aamir Khan's Next Move Is For The Disabled
Last Updated: 2010-01-21T13:08:09+05:30
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Aamir Khan's Next Move Is For The Disabled
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan

‘3 Idiots’ starrer Bollywood star Aamir Khan feels that the infrastructure of education system in the country should be changed to provide proper facility to the physically challenged people. So that they face lesser complexity to access themselves for education.


After honouring 18 achievers of the IBN7 Bajaj Allianz Super Idols awards here at the Taj Lands End hotel on Tuesday, Amir states "Our society barely thinks about the physically handicapped people. It's necessary. There should be proper infrastructure - be it buildings, theatres, roads - everywhere so that they can too have a comfortable access to every places like a normal person does."


The award is in observance to mark and celebrate those who have overcome their physical challenges to achieve success as well as the individuals who worked tirelessly for the rights of people.


We have to change our negative views to positivity to expect good results, the editor in chief of IBN of 18 Network, Rajdeep Sardesai stated, "I think there is so much negativity in the media. Unless we focus on these kinds of positive stories how will we inspire the next generation? In my case, it happened by working with Ability Foundation (a charitable trust that works to empower disabled) on a project. I realised the remarkable work these people were doing and it shook me."


Plus he added, "It will be an annual event. There are so many such people and it won't be that difficult to find 18."


This event is inspiration to those who wants to achieve, television actress and politician Smriti Irani stated, "This is extremely appreciable and an inspiration to those who want to achieve something. People who don't try because of their disablility, I think this award will be an inspiration for them. I am going to work on a project with Ability Foundation and it will be a new beginning for me," she said.

Well Aamir like this we hope that you continue to carry the torch of light in darkness.

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