To the much hype and expectation from the viewers of the ‘Fashion Week' was spoiled by the Delhi Fire Service Department as they did not grant permission to held the event on the venue date.

‘Wills Lifestyle’ Fashion Week Event Was Pulled Down By Delhi Fire Dept
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As the preparation and much hype of the autumn/winter edition of the ‘Wills Lifestyle’ India Fashion Week was peaking up to a greater height unfortunately the event was pulled down by the Fire Service Department.
This is another dreaded dream experienced by an event organizer with the capital’s bureaucracy and red tape on Wednesday when their show was  cancelled by the Delhi Fire Service Department by not granting permission and to which even the Police force consented.
Unbelievably the Fashion Week which is considered as the country’s biggest fashion event and a part  of the annual calendar who was turned down by the authority was not apprehensive about this drastic change of decision from the security department who had previously mentioned grant of permission to held the show.
According to the fire department, this event was deferred due to certain necessary changes. Clarifying further into the matter the  director of Delhi Fire Service R C Sharma stated concentrating on two factors they had earlier demanded for the safety arrangements of the event from the organizers are  that the number of exits should be increased to four and next the ramp area had to be repainted with fire-resistant paint.
Adding further Sharma informed, ‘‘Our officers have been visiting the venue for the past two days,’’  and only the first request had been complied whereas the second was not observed for security of the event.
To this introspection and decision of the Delhi fire department on the venue at the NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) Grounds in Okhla Industrial Area a large number of policemen arrived to support them.
There was a huge scene created outside the venue as guests unaware of the fact thronged in waiting for hours and to which the main road got jammed as a huge traffic was created by the crowds of viewers who were not allowed to enter the premise of the venue even after the request of the designers  to the police authority.