According to the former Pakistan captain, Wasim Akram, the sanctity of test cricket must be preserved by International Cricket Council.

Wasim Akram Wants ICC To Preserve Test Cricket’s “Sacredness”
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Wasim Akram, the former Pakistan Captain, feels it is for the International Cricket Council (ICC) to preserve the sanctity of Test format.
Akram said the ICC should go ahead with day-night Tests and must ensure that matches are played on sporting tracks to counter the popularity of Twenty20.
"The ICC has to do something with T20. Even cricket boards are running after it because it fetches them millions. Twenty20 and one-day cricket are fun but Test cricket is real. The ICC should do something to preserve Tests," Akram told reporters here Monday.
Akram feels Twenty20 is "just a phase in international cricket, which will pass soon without harming Tests."
"Cricket started with Tests, so how can it end? Every aspiring cricketer in the world wants to play Tests. Twenty20 will take over the 50 overs game, but it can't hurt Test cricket," he said.
On ICC chief David Morgan's proposed four-day Test, Wasim said: "If you have a four-day Test, there are more chances of it ending in a draw. Why will spectators come to watch a dull and drab drawn Test? The ICC, instead, should ensure that Test wickets are sporting and result-oriented."
The 43-year-old former left-arm fast bowler also disagreed with ex-South African tearaway Allan Donald on legalising ball-tampering.
"I don't know why Donald said that. Ball-tampering is illegal and I am with the ICC on the issue. If you legalise ball-tampering, then bowlers will start doing it from the first over. Ball-tampering is an art and you can only do it after 40-50 overs in Test cricket. It is not possible in ODIs and T20s," said Akram, who was one of the Pakistani fast bowlers once accused of ball-tampering.