Mr & Mrs. Beckham disclosed their secret bathroom secrets in a recent interview.

Victoria, David Bathroom Secrets Revealed
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Victoria Beckham also known as Posh in recent time has made her place in the designing industry and soon she became the brand.  Now, from Michelle Obama to Sandra Bullock all wants to be dressed in her creation.
Singer-turned-designer is overwhelmed with the appreciation that she is receiving from the globe and says that her clothes express her thoughts. The beauty who has been named as the world`s most stylish women says that her styling complements with her husband soccer ace David Beckham.
She said: "We just do what we want to do. We are not here to suppress each other, we complement each other. He looks great whatever he does. I am constantly changing, evolving. That`s good, right?"
"Neither of us is ever scared to express ourselves or feels the pressure and people are always saying, `What`s he going to do next with his hair?"
In the meantime, the pair disclosed their secret bathroom secrets in a recent interview.
David was quoted as saying, “She always leaves her drawers open. She leaves the toothpaste top off too. It’s kind of her mess, though. It’s her bathroom. It’s not down to me.”
To which Victoria replied, “He means like cupboard drawers, not as in knickers. I’m very messy. Clean, but very messy. We’re lucky enough to have separate bathrooms. David’s is all dark wood, very masculine. Mine is very modern, black and white. David’s products are all hidden away, whereas mine are quite on show.'
She added, 'David’s pretty tidy. He doesn’t really have any annoying bathroom habits.”