Actress Sonam Kapoor is reportedly upset with Mausam’s filmmaker Pankaj Kapoor for his mismanaged working style.

Sonam Kapoor Upset With Pankaj Kapoor Over Mausam
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Pankaj Kapoor’s most hyped movie Mausam is in news for all the wrong reasons. It has been reported that lead actress of the flick Sonam Kapoor is not happy with working style of the filmmaker and therefore she has given limited number of dates to shoot the film.   
According to the buzz in the town Sonam is very upset with Kapoor’s mismanaged working and has reduced her dates in order to concentrate on other projects. .
“Pankaj Kapoor has not been an easy director to work with. There have been times when Sonam was called on the sets for four-five scenes, and she ended up shooting probably only one scene or, at times, no scene at all. This got Sonam really livid,” a source said.
But, producer Sheetal Talwar while dismissing the reports said that Sonam is very cooperating and has given enough dates for the completion of the movie.
Mausam is the directorial debut of actor Pankaj Kapoor and is made under the Vistaar Religare Film Fund.  The film stars Shahid Kapoor opposite Sonam Kapoor along with Pankaj Kapoor.