This is in Sonam Kapoor’s dedication towards film, who is bound to quality work and wants to leave behind memorable works.

Sonam Kapoor To Set Memorable Examples!
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Sonam Kapoor To Set Memorable Examples!
Sonam Kapoor
Sonam Kapoor

Reasonably, it might be the reason why Sonam Kapoor is not often seen in the films and dedicating  for few, as to her quality matters more than quantity of work.

 After her first debut in ‘Saawariya’, she had contemplated only on one movie ‘Delhi- 6’ which did not prove powerful in the box office.

 She wants to carve niche on those film which leaves behind memorable impression, she adds “I only want to be part of those movies for which I would be eternally remembered as an actor. I’m not into the number game. So, it doesn’t matter to me who is number one or number two. I believe that I have to carve a niche for myself and need have my own identity in Bollywood. After Saawariya and Delhi 6, now I am working in Aisha. I am proud of all these movies. I have done good work in them and they are being talked about.”

 Currently she is working on film ‘Aisha’ with Abhay Deol and the character she displays is of ‘Emma’ written by Jane Austen. She will be delivering a challenging role in this film, Sonam adds, “It has been a challenging role and I have enjoyed filming it. In my previous movies, though I was the female lead, my screen time was lesser than the male actors. However, in this movie revolves around me.”

 Moreover she loves to display women power and strongly believes in sound content, she states, “ It is a great responsibility to shoulder because not many women-centric movies are made in Bollywood. But actors like Priyanka Chopra, Sridevi and Madhuri Dixit have shown in the past that if a film has good content it will work. So, I’m drawing confidence from them.”  

 Inspired from her father Anil Kapoor, she states, “I think I have learnt a lot by just seeing my father work. The kind of enthusiasm he has towards work is unbelievable. He is an idealist; so am I.”

 This lady also has desire for writing and in direction but that is in the future, she adds, “I do want to write and direct a film. But right now I’m too young to do that. I have to first grow as an actor and absorb a lot of things before I take the plunge into direction. But I will certainly do it.”

 Hope we get to catch you up faster in films than your long absence.

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