Sir Anthony Hopkins vents out his frustration against fashion industry and calls socialite-heiress Paris Hilton “a soulless machine”.

Sir Anthony Hopkins Calls Paris Hilton 'Soulless Machine'
Last Updated: 2010-03-01T11:56:55+05:30
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Sir Anthony Hopkins Calls Paris Hilton 'Soulless Machine'
Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton
Sir Anthony Hopkins has blasted socialite-heiress Paris Hilton, calling her a "soulless machine".
The Oscar-winning Welsh actor believes socialites are taking over Hollywood and said he thinks the hotel heiress is simply doing no real stuff.
"I went into a shop to buy my wife some clothes and they had this big plasma screen on with these women on the catwalk. I thought, 'God almighty, what have we become?' These girls - anorexic, walking like machines, no soul," he said.
"You look at fashion magazines and you think, 'What are we living in?' You look at the red carpet, Paris Hilton, you know, these people and you think, 'Is there anything going on up there?'," he added.
The 72-year-old legend also admitted it might be because he was getting old that the world had started to frustrate him.
"It's the androgyny of it... the androgyny of the human soul. I don't think people think any more. But maybe I'm just old," he said.

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