The Neeraj Vora comedy movie “Short Kut” does not have the proposed 'Rendezvous with Simi Garewal' scene.

Simi Garewal's Rendezvous Cut Out From Movie 'Short Kut'
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Arshad Warsi was excited about his 'Rendezvous with Simi Garewal' in forthcoming film "Short Kut - The Con", but he was disappointed when the entire sequence was cut from the final version.

"It's unfortunate but we had to let go of the sequence. This was done to keep the film's length in check. We wanted the film to be as close to the two-hour running length as possible. The film is now two hours and seven minutes and we didn't want to exceed it any further," Anil Kapoor, the producer of "Short Kut".
The comedy has been directed by Neeraj Vora and is slated for release on July 10. 

If the scene would have been retained, Simi would have made a comeback on the big screen after over two decades. 

"The scene had turned out quite well actually," said Arshad, who was expecting his 'rendezvous' with the graceful actress to be a hit among audiences.

According to Anil Kapoor, the scene of Simi was cut off due to the length of the movie. But he also added that this ‘rendezvous” sequence will be available in the DVD version. 

Arshad added: "Why just this scene -- there are so many other scenes that have turned out to be really marvellous but can't make it to the theatrical version. I'm sure if put together in a second DVD, they could all make for an altogether separate movie by itself”.

"Short Kut" also stars Akshaye Khanna and Amrita Rao, while Anil and Sanjay Dutt make special appearances for an item number.