Bollywood actress, Shamita Shetty has claimed that she and her actress sister, Shilpa Shetty have creative differences.

Shilpa & Shamita Shetty’s Creative Differences
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Bollywood actress, Shilpa Shetty decided to produce an action flick and wanted to star sizzling Bipasha Basu in the movie. But, according to reports Bipasha Basu could not do the film because of date problems. Therefore, Shilpa Shetty shelved the project as she felt that the role was tailor- made for Basu, and did not want to compromise.
However, her younger sister, Shamita Shetty, who is in charge of the creative side of the production house, feels that they should make the film with another actress.
"Shilpa and Shamita have two very different mindsets and they often have creative differences. Shilpa was quite excited about Bipasha in the action film but when she couldn't get her dates, she lost interest. However, Shamita was keen on keeping the project alive with another leading lady. The two had an argument over the same”, a source said.
Shamita Shetty said, "Yes we had approached Bipasha for the film. But things didn't work out. Also Shilpa got busy with her commitments like IPL and her latest restaurant deal”.
Shamita Shetty admitted that she and Shilpa have creative differences. "We are bound to have creative differences. It's exciting and challenging to have such conversations and discussion on creative subjects”.
Talking about the kind of films they want to make, the actress said, “Since we both have been actors, we know the kind of scripts that will make good films. At the moment we are open to making anything that's interesting maybe a good comedy or thriller”.
Shamita Shetty claimed that she will not act in any of her productions. "I don't want to act in my film. Not at the moment. I am happy doing the creative work”.