Kaminey star Shahid Kapoor’s unprofessional act has left Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan terribly upset.

Shah Rukh Khan Upset With Shahid Kapoor’s Unprofessional Behaviour
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The recent act of Kaminey star Shahid Kapoor has left Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan terribly upset. 
It so happened that King Khan and Shahid were supposed to do an combined act at an award function but Mr. Kapoor did not actively participate in the preparation of the act and eventually Khan was left with no option but to carry the responsibility on his own shoulders.  
A source said, “Shahid did not come the previous night for the grand rehearsal and SRK was the only one to do it. Even on Thursday, the day of the show, Shahid only arrived a couple of hours before the show was to start.”
The unprofessional behaviour of Shahid left SRK very disappointed and apparently he branded Shahid as over confident.
“This left the organisers with very little time. SRK, who was present throughout all the rehearsals, was extremely upset with Shahid’s behaviour and thought that he was being overconfident”, the source added.
Ultimately, SRK’s years of experience saved the show and Shahid, “That’s why SRK took over the show and everyone present at the awards night was surprised to see Shahid hardly speaking. Shahid inaugurated the show and was followed by Anushka and Ranveer. Post that SRK and Shahid were on the stage for about an hour. In that entire hour, SRK must have done the talking for about 45 minutes while leaving the rest for Shahid. It was very evident that something had gone wrong between the two.”
Meanwhile, Shahid’s camp came forward to defend actor’s bad act in the event and said, “Shahid wanted to come for the grand rehearsals but he missed his flight from Chandigarh because of bad weather. So, he drove in the fog to Delhi, despite the unit members telling him not to, before taking a flight from there.”
But genuine SRK was good to his colleague and assured him that he will take care of the act.
“When Shahid reached for the rehearsals the night before, SRK had already left, as it was very late. SRK came earlier the next day in order to rehearse with Shahid but on that day Shahid had to work on his individual act, so he hardly had any time for his combined act with SRK. However, SRK called him to his van and was very sweet to him. He told Shahid to work on his individual act and that he will take care of their combined act, which is what happened.”