Sonali Kulkanri’s Shadow is a movie of the thriller genre.

Shadow Movie Pre-Release Review
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Director: Rohit Nayyar 
Producer: Nasir Khan, Shamshad Alam 
Cast: Milind Soman, Nasir Khan, Sonali Kulkarni, Hrishitaa Bhatt, Samir Aftab
Sanjana Rajpoot (Sonali Kulkarni), a police officer is confused. Six months after a serial murder case came to the police’s notice, it is still as such. The serial murderer is still on the loose and claiming more victims.
Arjun Sherawat (Nasir Khan) is the suspected murderer but a mystery. Sheetal (Hrishitaa Bhatt) is a press reporter and is passionate about her work. She knows the case inside out.
Rahul (Milind Soman) is another reporter who is following this case closely but is unaware of Sheetal’s feelings for him.
Getting a tip off from Sheetal, a man suspected to be the murderer, is shot dead. Even as they celebrate the news, Arjun Sherawat re-surfaces and tells the world that his next target is a builder Habeeb Fazal.
As the narrative unravels it raises many questions. How is Sheetal getting the information on the victims? Is Arjun Sherwat committing these murders or does he have any accomplices? What is the reason behind these senseless murders? Is Rahul the bad guy? Will Sanjana outwit the murderer and bring an end to the bloodshed?
The movie seems to have a good plot but I am not sure if it can leave any impression on the audience.
The movie is scheduled to be released on Aug 7.