There are some voices in B-Town, which are unique, like Big B’s and Sanjay Dutt’s, this time Dutt has become the voice of God in Ajay Devgan’s Toonpur Ka Superhero.

Sanjay Dutt Becomes Voice Of God In Ajay Devgan’s Toonpur Ka Superhero
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Sanjay Dutt’s voice is his unique factor and he has lent his voice in Ajay Devgan’s ‘Toonpur Ka Superhero’, to become the voice of God in it.
The filmmakers of the movie wanted a heavy and a well-known voice for the voice of ‘God’ to introduce the characters in the movie. The movie is produced by Krishna Lulla and Kumar Mangat.
Director of Toonpur Ka Superhero Kireet Khurana said, “We wanted someone impressive for the voice of God to introduce the characters in the film. Coincidently, Ajay and Sanjay were shooting together at that time. When I asked Ajay if Sanjay would do it, Sanjay said ‘Anything for Ajay’. He dubbed for us last afternoon.”
Since, Ajay and Sanjay Dutt are best friends, so when Ajay Devgan requested him to lend his voice, Sanjay agreed without even twinkling of an eye.