Hollywood beauty Katherine Heigl has credited Sandra Bullock for changing her life.

Sandra Bullock Inspires Katherine Heigl
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Sandra Bullock Inspires Katherine Heigl
Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock
Hollywood beauty Katherine Heigl has credited Sandra Bullock for changing her life. The actress insisted that ‘The Blind Side’ star is her source of inspiration and looks up to her.
Katherine Heigl quoted, "Whenever I'm about to do or say something, I first think W.W.S.B.D., which stands for What Would Sandra Bullock Do.”
The beauty also admitted that she was hurt when it was exposed that Jesse James has cheated on Bullock.
"I don't know her personally, but from what I've seen of her and what I've read about her, she seems to be one of the most well-spoken, gracious, charming and funny women in Hollywood. If I could get there, I would like to be just like her," she said.
Recently, in an interview Bullock had blasted paparazzi for following her three step-children with James.
She said, "I feel such guilt and sadness about how they (the kids) have been hunted by the photographers. I just wanted to ask the photographers if they have children. Would this be fair to do to them? I was profoundly amazed at how much money was being made from other people's pain".
Heigl who agreed with Sandra's quotes admitted that it changed her thinking.
"There becomes a focus on you that sometimes can feel overwhelming... You feel so self-conscious. You feel like you have to pose all the time... I was going crazy, I wasn't being myself.
"Then I read what Sandra said. She's so grounded. She isn't aggressive in any way. She doesn't take it all so personally. She really gets it. I swear that reading what she said changed my life," she added.

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