‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’ takes the biggest global issue –Recession, and frames a complete entertainer which keeps the viewer’s interest alive till the climax

‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’ Review - ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’ Movie Review
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‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’ Review - ‘Phas Gaye Re Obama’ Movie Review

Director- Subhash Kapoor

Star Cast- Amol Gupte, Neha Dhupia, Rajat Kapoor, Sanjay Mishra, Manu Rishi

Till date, filmmakers haven’t come up with the most dreadful subject matters of the global economy, recession, but director Subhash Kapoor, though with a meager budget (3 crores) has fully tried to present the best with the main essence of wit and light sarcasm.

The movie begins with a character ‘Om’, played by Rajat Kapoor, he stays in US, but the sudden economic slowdown lands him in a big state of trouble.

If he would stay for more time in the states, he would not be able to pay the huge sums of loans even he doesn’t have money to pay his  children's school fees. So he decides to come back to India after 7 years, just to sell his ancestral haweli in Uttar Pradesh, but later finds that it is of almost no value.

As, the news of entering of an NRI spreads in the small town of UP, Om falls a hostage to a group of local gangsters, who doesn’t realize that the NRI is penny less! The movie speeds ahead, keeping the interests alive in the audiences mind.
Well,  unlike the cruel image of the underworld gangs, this particular gang is something different, it is led by a person called ‘Bhaisaab’, wonderfully played by Sanjay Mishra.  The witty part starts when the gang can’t make ransom calls, as there is no outgoing in their mobiles!

There is another gangster in the movie called ‘Anni’, played by Manu Rishi, he dreams of going to US, so he watched every single album of Rocky and Rambo sequel.

The obsession for the American dollar is showed by wanna be gangster NRI’s Rishi and Bhaisaab, they wear those typical blue and white, star ties, has Obama graffiti on their walls, cheers for Obama’s ‘Yes’ we can” speeches, and even takes English classes to train them for staying in US.

Though, the gangsters torture Om, but they are very good at heart and even make him eat, ‘Lacchu Halwai ki doodh jalebi’ and  a dialogue is said in relevance of this, “Yahan ki underworld America ke corporate world se zyada imandar hai.”
Then enters Neha Dhupia, who plays the ‘Gabbar’ kind of role, in the form of ‘Munni’, she leads a gang of women and the local gangsters fall a prey to her command, she tries to extract money from Om, which makes him feel that ‘yes’ he is one bankrupt NRI.

The movie’s strongest points are its characters, its song free style (only one song by Kailash Kher) and the choice of the subject matter. The movie is full of surprises and one can’t predict the climax of it, honest suggestion, at least check it out once, if you have some sour pages of recession in your diary!

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