Australian singer Peter Andre has called his relationship with ex-wife, Katie Price ‘weird’.

Peter Andre’s ‘Weird’ Marriage With Katie Price
Last Updated: 2010-06-16T16:23:59+05:30
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Peter Andre’s ‘Weird’ Marriage With Katie Price
Peter Andre
Peter Andre
Australian singer Peter Andre who is said to be still in love with his ex-wife, Katie Price has called his relationship with the glamour model ‘weird’.
Peter Andre quoted, "You know, the whole situation was weird. The whole relationship was so quick and so fast... when I look back, it wasn't a natural process.”
"The normal way is that you live with someone first, get to know them, court them for a while. It was a very different thing to that. And I can't say it was all bad because we had some good times together," he added.
The ‘Mysterious Girl’ hit maker also confessed that his wife was very possessive and he was not even allowed to have a bachelor party.
"I wasn't allowed a bachelor party. I never had one. I was told if I was even so much as pictured with another girl - even if she was just a fan or whatever - the wedding would be off. So I chose the wedding," said Andre.
But, now the singer has decided to enjoy his singlehood.
The singer said, "When you're in love, you just go along with stuff, don't you? I'm actually thinking of going away with a few mates to the States later this year to have the stag (party) that I never had. And then I don't have to worry who I get pictured with.”
Andre met Price in 2004 on the British reality TV show ‘I'm A Celebrity- Get Me Out Of Here’. They tied the knot in September next year.

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