American singer, Peter Andre has proved that he is a possessive father and will not allow anyone to play father to his kids.

Peter Andre - A Possessive Father
Last Updated: 2009-08-21T18:20:01+05:30
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Peter Andre - A Possessive Father
Peter Andre
Peter Andre
American singer, Peter Andre, got annoyed after seeing the pictures of his kids with his estranged wife Katie Price’s new lover, Alex Reid.The singer got annoyed and spilled his anger in a phone call to his ex-wife.
According to sources, angry Andre started shouting on Katie Price when she called up to speak to her four-year old son Junior.
A source said, “Peter was outraged. He was screaming at Katie, saying ‘He’s not the father of my children’.
“Katie couldn’t believe it. One minute she was chatting to Junior and the next, Peter was on the line incandescent with rage”, the source adds.
The source told, “He started accusing her of completely inappropriate behaviour by frolicking with Alex in public in front of the kids”.
“He hated the pictures of Junior playing with Alex, saying repeatedly that it ‘wasn’t right”, the source adds.
Katie Price is allowed to speak to her children during an allocated time. “His reaction really stunned Katie. She clearly didn’t appreciate how he was feeling”, the source said.
“She’s desperately trying to move on with her life and it really set her back emotionally. She just wants to be happy and is sick of confrontation, a source told. “Yes, it must be strange seeing another man with your kids, but she thought Peter could deal with the situation a bit better”, the source added.
According to an insider, “Peter has always taken his responsibilities as a father very seriously, so she can see where the anger has come from”.
Peter’s spokeswoman said that he did not want the phone to get leaked. She said, “But at the same time, he wants to correct untruths – and the reason he was upset was because Katie passed the phone to Alex to speak to Junior”. 

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