Pamela Anderson has to face a new problem in her life as she fights regularly with her new boyfriend over her relationship with ex-husband Tommy Lee.

Pamela Anderson Fights With New Boyfriend Over Ex-Husband Tommy Lee
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Pamela Anderson's relationship with ex-husband Tommy Lee still gets her in trouble - she regularly fights with her new boyfriend over the man she married almost 15 years ago.
The Baywatch blonde wed Lee in 1995, just three days after meeting the drummer. The pair ended their on/off romance after three years, but they keep in touch over their two sons Brandon, 13, and Dylan, 11.
Anderson insists the couple's history has caused friction in all her subsequent relationships - and she even argues with her latest beau, electrician Jamie Padgett, about Lee.
In a candid interview with British TV host Jeremy Kyle, she says, "I'm still fighting with my boyfriend over him, he won’t go away.
"(I say) 'Don't you realise that after 15 years this is the relationship that Tommy and I have. If we wanted to be together, we'd be together!' (It's a black cloud) over any relationship. It's horrible.
"When Tommy and I are together it's still apparent that there's that chemistry and love for each other that transcends all the bad stuff. It's a unique relationship."
But Anderson is adamant Padgett is the one who will finally banish Lee to her past: "I've got a real tough boyfriend that's put his foot down for both of us."