Otherwise, a sultry siren of Bollywood, Neha Dhupia has changed her seductive character in ‘With Love To Obama’, inspired by Barack Obama’s world peace activities.

Neha Dhupia To Work As Lead In 'With Love To Obama'!
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Though she has no hit list in Bollywood, this sultry actor Neha Dhupia has remained lucky with good many films following in her string line.
The latest buzz is Subhash Kapoor’s film ‘With Love To Obama’, where the prestigious  female lead role is  being played by Neha Dhupia. The actress has become more selective and is seriously taking into worthy roles as a socio-political activist. In her present charcter she reflects that she is a vehement believer of Obama’s message on peace and his contribution towards peace programs in the world.

Might not have achieved best actress awards but her good network in Bollywood has always landed up her with good offers, that even top notched actors would asppire for.

Hope Neha justifies this character and give an extra work up on her acting skills to shed her previous sex image, which Bollywood knows.