This is the directorial debut of cinematographer-turned-director, Mazhar Kamran.

Mohandas Movie Pre-release Review
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Director: Mazhar Kamran
Producer: Abha Sonaika
Cast: Sonali Kulkarni, Nakul Vaid, Sushant Singh, Sarbani Mukherjee and Aditya Srivastav
Lyrics: VK Sonakia, Yash Malviya
Music Director: Vivek Priyadarshan
Meghna Sengupta, who is a correspondent working at a news channel in New Delhi, receives a videotape from a remote place in Madhya Pradesh, Anuppur. In the tape, a battered young man claims to be the real Mohandas alleges that someone else has stolen his identity. Someone else is living as 'Mohandas'.
Confused by what looks like an unusual small-town scam, Meghna makes a trip to Anuppur. There, she discovers a more traumatic and odd story. Mohandas is a topper in studies from the poor community of basket-weavers and is overjoyed when he is selected for a good white-collar post in Oriental Coal Mines. But he is kept waiting for a long period of time to actually get the job. Afterwards, when he has given up and reconciled to it, he learns that someone else has assumed his name and has already taken his job. When he rushes to protest, he is beaten up and thrown out.
Meghna places this story in the media. Harshvardhan, a lawyer from the district, takes this case of stolen identity to court with the intention of hauling up the usurper. More odd results, irony and spoof run as undercurrents as the film plumbs the absurd levels to which democratic institutions can be manipulated today. It is also an allegory of how a fake identity displaces the real one in contemporary times.
This is a film which depicts the common man of Gandhiji. It seems as if the director has done a good job.
The movie is scheduled for release on August 17, 2009.