Sources say that MJ had cherished a secret dream of doing moonwalk on the moon.

MJ's Dream Was To Moonwalk On the Moon
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MJ's Dream Was To Moonwalk On the Moon
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
According to the close friend of MJ, the Pop King was in advanced talks with a space scientist as he wanted to do his famous moonwalk on the moon before his death.
The singer had a wish to beat his rivals into space by actually making it first to the moon to do his famous dance move in a $1.97 billion project.
"He wanted to be the first pop star in space so badly. He had to be first. He knew it wouldn't only be history-making, it would be history-shattering," said Jackson's close friend Uri Geller.
"It was unbelievable the determination he had. It was a burning desire to walk on the moon," he added.
But the plan failed after he was arrested and charged with child molestation, sending him into a world of depression and drug abuse that meant he was unfit for space travel.

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