Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher needs a new driving licence to compete in F1.

Michael Schumacher Needs New Driving Licence
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Michael Schumacher needs a new driving licence for competing in Formula one for Ferrari .He will replace Felipe Massa in next month's European Grand Prix in Valencia, said motorsport's ruling body FIA on Thursday.
Schumacher had last raced in F1 at the Brazilian GP on October 22, 2006. According to an FIA spokesperson, an F1 licence automatically runs out at the end of each year.
However, FIA regulations specify that a licence can be issued in exceptional circumstances.
According to Article 5 of Appendix L, a driver can be issued a licence if he has competed in a minimum of 15 races in the previous three years. Schumacher was in the Ferrari cockpit for all 18 races in the 2006 season and hence is eligible for the licence.
The applications for a new licence will have to be made to the Italian motorsport federation at least 14 days before the European GP that will take place on Aug 23.