The late pop king had a secret wish for getting himself cloned.

Michael Jackson Had Wished For His Clone
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Michael Jackson Had Wished For His Clone
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson
According to the driver of the late pop legend, the singer wanted to get himself cloned because he was afraid of death. He also added that MJ wanted to live forever. 
According to the reports MJ had attended a cloning meeting along with Uri Geller, his friend. The reports also say that he was interested in the preaching done by the Raelians sect and had requested them for cloning him. 
"Jackson was very excited. He bounced out of that conference like a small child. He was smiling and on a high. I heard him and Uri talking in the back of the limo. He was talking about the prospect of being cloned," said Al Bowman, Jackson's chauffeur who drove him to the event in 2002. 
"He grabbed Uri by both arms and told him, 'I really want to do it Uri, and I don't care how much it costs'. I always remember Jackson talking about the cloning of Dolly the sheep in Britain in 1996 - he was totally fascinated by it. Then when he heard about the Raelians, he became utterly convinced this weird religious group could clone humans. 
"It was really oddball stuff, but it interested Michael. One day in the limousine he said, 'They did it with Dolly'. I said, 'Dali... you mean Salvador Dali'. We both laughed. Michael said he wanted a mini-version of himself cloned to carry on his legacy. He was hoping that Michael Jackson could live for ever", added his driver.

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